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Fluke Fluke 115 Multimeter

Fluke Compact true-rms meter
Resistance, Continunity, Frequency, Capacitance and Diode test
Measure 10A (Overloas 20A at 30 sec)
Min / Max / Average elapsed time recorded
CAT III 600 V safety rated


The first four- and two-channel scopes built for CAT IV industrial environments
Extend your arsenal of troubleshooting capabilities by visually inspecting signals
amplitude, time, shape and disturbance or distortion characteristics.

Fluke Leakage Current Clamp Meters - FL368 / 369 FC

True-rms measurements for accuracy when measuring complex, non-sinusoidal waveforms
40 mm jaw opening
Highest resolution of 1 μA, measure up to 60 A
Selectable filter function removes unwanted noise
Max/Min/Average readings and hold function
Forward-facing LED worklight for use in dark wiring cabinets
Backlit display; auto backlight off and auto power off for extended battery life
CAT III 600V safety rating
Internal Memory Logging: up to 65,000 measurement points

Fluke Micromanometer / AIrflow Meter FL922

Powerful meter provides differential and static pressure, air velocity and flow readings
Convenient colored hoses help proper interpretation pressure readings
Easy to use without sacrificing performance
Bright, backlit display for clear viewing in all environments
User-defined duct shape and size for maximum airflow accuracy
Resolution down to 0.001 in H2O
99 point data storage capacity

Fluke Thermal Multimeter - True-rms FL279FC

Full-featured multimeter with built-in thermal imager
15 measurement functions including: AC voltage with low-pass filter, DC voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Diode test, Min/Max/Avg, AC current (with iFlex), Frequency
Thermal imaging reveals many electrical issues quickly and safely, eliminating the need for time-consuming testing and validation
Two-in-one tool is designed to increase productivity – no need to go back to the truck or office to retrieve a shared camera or wait for the thermographer– do more in less time!
iFlex expands your measurement capabilities – get into tight, hard to reach spaces for current measurement (up to 2500 A AC)
Save measurements and images while communicating wirelessly with a smart phone up to 20 feet / 6.1 m away (no obstructions)
Image resolution–80 x 60
3.5 in /8.89 cm color LCD screen


Fluke-289/FVF Kit includes:
• Fluke-289 True-rms Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture,
LoZ, LoPass filter, and Lo Ohms
• FVF-SC2 FlukeView Forms Software and cable
• TL71 Silicon Test Lead Set
• AC72 Alligator Clips
• 80BK-A Integrated DMM Temperature Probe
• TPAK Magnetic Meter Hanger for hands-free operation
• C280 Soft Case for meter protection and accessory storage

Fluke Fluke 62 Max

Infrared Thermometrs (IR) -30°C - 500°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Water resistance IP 54 IEC 60529

Fluke Fluke Visual IR Thermometers

Hot and Cold spots can't hide anymore.
Temperature range -10°C - 250°C
Thermal heat map identify exact problem location.
IR measure spotted area

Fluke Temperature Calibrators - FL714

Measure temperature from TC output
Simulate TC output
Operable with nine types of thermocouples
Calibrate linear TC transmitter with mV source function
Selectable °F or °C
Thermocouple mini-jack termination