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Joint Instruments - Universal Length Measuring System

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Gauge Inspection & Calibration Master
For periodic inpsection of gauges, reference gauge,
masters inclduing :
Plug Gauges , Ring Gauges
Thread Plug and Thread Ring Gauges
Gauge Block, Snap Gauges,
External / Internal Micrometers,
Bore Gauges, Indicators and Electronic Probes.
Range : 0-600mm
Resolution : 0.1µm (Standard) or 0.01 µm (Optional)
Accuracy (U95) : 0.26µm
Made in ITALY

Joint Instruments Calibration Collaborate Services

We conduct assessment of the needs for the training before making any arrangement. Our aim is to help customers develop a good habit of handling equipment and understand the background application in order to receive the highest standard of quality.

• Our Calibration services, in-house standard operational procedure and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory are endorsed by our principal manufacturers. . We collaborate services to approved accredited laboratory to ensure quality performance.
• Our TSD works hand-in-glove with Mitutoyo Asia Pacific accredited laboratory in providing services in their in-house laboratory and on-site calibration since 2008 in Singapore. We invest in overseas on-the-job training at manufacturer factory to better understand their equipment and instruments to service our customers.
• Our technical services include: conducting application training, repair, consultation and assessment of product condition.

Joint Instruments Retrofit Kit to Computerise System

Upgrade your system to the latest technology with real time reading and gage management-measurement software MicroNet.

ULM 01 600 C and D
ULM optical models
Upgrade for ULM computerized versions ULM 01 600 with PC
Spare parts for different ULM models are available
Service for ULM models, repair

Other options

conversion of the output signal from old AE 100 | AE 101 to a full Heidenhain compatible one
real time reading of the measurement on the PC screen
gage management and measurement software
head reconditioning (geometry, alignments, bearings, etc.)
real time temperature reading with automatic compensation

Joint Instruments Instrument Setting & Length measurement

For setting different kind of instruments:
- external micrometers
- internal micrometers
- inside caliper
- outside caliper
- bore gage
- depth gage
• Features
- suitable for laboratory and workshop
- twin head to expedite measurements
- high accuracy
- absolute travel of 800 or 1200 mm
- setting and measurement mode

Joint Instruments Long Gage block and Gages inspection - DMS1000

For Setting and checking comparative instruments
External micrometer up to 1000 mm (with extension)
0.1 micron resolution
The rest of the function will be same as DMS600