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Mitutoyo Bluetooth U-Wave Data Communication System

Data Collection using Bluetooth communication System.
Link Smartphone, Tablet and Computer for Data Measurement Management.
Bluetooth communication not only allows for cost reduction, as it does not require the conventional dedicated receiver unit, but it also improves operability.
Available for both Android and IOS, U-WAVEPAK-BM provides users to make use of simple process control with its measurement data import function.
Available only for Android U-WAVEPAK NAVI guides you throughout your measurement. By using pictures, the app tells you where and how to measure as well as in what order or what device to use.
For use on computers, U-WAVEPAK-BW communicates directly with your measuring instrument, allowing you to transfer measurement data to your computer’s software. This software can be downloaded for free on our company’s website.

Mitutoyo Consultancy & Collaborate Calibration Services

We conduct assessment of the needs for the training before making any arrangement. Our aim is to help customers develop a good habit of handling equipment and understand the background application in order to receive the highest standard of quality.

• Our Calibration services, in-house standard operational procedure and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory are endorsed by our principal manufacturers. . We collaborate services to approved accredited laboratory to ensure quality performance.
• Our TSD works hand-in-glove with Mitutoyo Asia Pacific accredited laboratory in providing services in their in-house laboratory and on-site calibration since 2008 in Singapore. We invest in overseas on-the-job training at manufacturer factory to better understand their equipment and instruments to service our customers.
• Our technical services include: conducting application training, repair, consultation and assessment of product condition.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink - Gage Management

MeasurLink - Gage Management
Gage Inventory and Calibration Control Module

Monitoring the calibration history of a gage. Periodic adjustments
may be required to bring a gage into specification. assists users in developing,maintaining, organizing and managing information about their gages. Information such as gage in service dates, calibration recall dates, gage R&R dates and general gage event history is provided in an intuitive interface with complete reporting abilities. MeasurLink® Gage Management also supports the creation of vendor contact and user lists. It comes equipped with a “smart” calendar that allows you to define working days.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink - Gage R&R

MeasurLink - Gage R&R
Measurement Systems Analysis Module

These techniques provide information about a measurement system's reproducibility, repeatability,location or stability. Graphical tools allow for isolation of gaging problems including inconsistencies
in technique between operators or inspector

Mitutoyo MeasurLink - Process Analyzer

MeasurLink - Process Analyzer
Data Analysis Module

It gives you the flexibility to analyze your processes, identify problem areas and take corrective action to improve your product’s quality. Inspection runs can be sorted by Inspection Station, Routine or Part, and are displayed with the look and feel of Windows Explorer. Inspection data can be merged, filtered, grouped, charted and printed in the way you want it.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink - Process Manager

MeasurLink - Process Manager
Network Monitoring Dashboard Module

Provides a method to audit the entire shop-floor inspection activity from a single PC. Easily see process information without walking from one inspection area to another by viewing current production across all machines. Show clients your quality operation for the entire facility.

Mitutoyo COUNTER KA-200

With AT100 Series : 0.05 - 0.0001 mm
With AT715 : 0.01 - 0.001 mm
Scale input ports 2 or 3
Dimensions Size (W×D×H) 30×168×70mm
Display type / digit 7segment, 8digit + sign, 8character alphabet LED display
Output (optional)
RS-232C / USB
Main features
Taper machining function; tool data;
Multipoint compensation; Scale diagnosis function
;calculation function, Function lock function


A data collection tools that offers simple and popular operability (HID connection).


The stem holder accept diameter 6mm, 8mm or 3/8"
Magnetic force 600N


Power Turrets for Measuring Microscope
Power Supply AC110V
Number of ways: 5
Electric Driving Method
RS-232 for external PC Control
For Bright Field Optical Lens

Mitutoyo "New" PJ-Plus Profile Projector

The Mitutoyo PJ-Plus is a new series of profile projectors that utilize LED lighting and provides reliable measurements in manufacturing site environments.
PJ-Plus Summary
• LED illumination
• Stepless illumination adjustment
• Improved durability
• Intuitive operation
• Built-in digital XY counter
• Available with M2 or QM-Data 2D processor


High-Performance Height Gage - QM-Height Series

Best-in-class accuracy ±(2,4+2,1L/600)μm
• Built-in air-suspension feature using an internal pump enables smooth movement over a surface plate.
(Lower-cost version without air suspension also available)
• Easy-to-view, simple control panel enables most measurements to be made with a single keystroke.
• Eco-friendly product, operable for approximately 1200 hours with four AA alkaline batteries.
(Four commercially available nickel hydride batteries can also be used.)
• By installing the U-WAVE-T measurement data wireless communication system or USB communication
driver in your PC, the optional functions that enhance operability, including output of measurement data
to your PC, become available.
The USB communication driver can be downloaded from the Mitutoyo website. (Communication software is separately
required.): https://mitutoyo.eu/en_us/downloads/software-and-updates
“d2” is a generic term given to Digimatic output that supports up
to eight input/output digits. ID measurement & OD measurement


Portable hand-held model
Wide range of parameter example Ra, Ry, Rz, Rmax.etc
Color Graphic display
Built-in memory for data storage
Skidded styles measurement

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 500/700/900/1200 - Standard CNC CMM

High accuracy in the 1.7μm class
The CRYSTA-Apex S is a high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine that guarantees a maximum permissible error of *E0,MPE = (1.7+3L/1000)μm [500/700/900 Series]. Comparing the CRYSTA-Apex S with CMMs offering *E0,MPE of approximately (2.5+4L/1000)µm where a required tolerance on a dimension is ±0.02 mm, then the measuring machine uncertainty should be no more than one-fifth (ideally one-tenth) of that, i.e. 4μm. This means that with a general-purpose CMM, when the measured length exceeds 14.8”(375mm), machine uncertainty exceeds one-fifth of the dimension tolerance in this case. In contrast, as shown in the figure on the right, with the CRYSTA-Apex S the measurement uncertainty remains within one-fifth of the dimension tolerance up to 30.2” (766mm). The higher accuracy specification of the CRYSTA-Apex S therefore gives it more than double the effective measuring range in terms of accuracy-guarantee capability in this case.
*ISO 10360-2:2009

Mitutoyo MACH-3A 653 Series 360 In-line Type CNC CMM

CNC CMM (Horizontal type) incorporating the CMM controller and the host computer in the main unit results in a compact spacing saving footprint for the shop floor. This series is designed for 24 hour operation resulting in stable operation and remarkable durability.
Range X-23.62" (600mm), Y-19.68" (500mm) & Z-11.02" (280mm)


Digital axis Counter and Projector readout counter
to facilitate dimensional and angular measurement
3 lens turret model with 10X standard magnification
Optional 5X, 20X, 50X & 100X lens
High accuracy stage

Mitutoyo CMM Fixtures

Mitutoyo offers you the full range of CMM equipment from the machine itself to probe systems, software up to clamping systems.

The Fixture series “eco-fix” offer you:
a quick, easy & flexible way to create fixtures,
practice-oriented modular concept,
time and cost-saving way to buit fixtures,
easy adaption of product changes to the fixtures,
leight-weight aluminium parts,
strong, hardcoated and anodised parts for long life under rough conditions.