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Region Suppliers, technical service department (TSD) is experienced and knowledgeable in mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering. We are strongly supported by our principal manufacturers in terms of handling repairs, application training, parts supply and consultation.

Repair And Maintenance

We detect minor problems by performing basic diagnostic tests. Clean and lubricate instrument before and after servicing. Test malfunctioning instrument to determine whether replacement of defective parts are needed. We adjust the precision of the instrument during repair & maintenance process. We suggest preventive maintenance to be performance every six months for vision system, tester and machine. All repairs come with a warranty and conditions apply.


We provide technical consultancy services to help customer make decisions based on informed, well-focused technical analysis. This value-add service complements the products that we supplied. Training services conducted by our TSD members involve technical theories and practical hands on. We conduct assessment of the needs for the training before making any arrangement. Our aim is to help customers develop a good habit of handling equipment and understand the background application in order to receive the highest standard of quality.

  • Our Calibration services, in-house standard operational procedure and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory are endorsed by our principal manufacturers. . We collaborate services to approved accredited laboratory to ensure quality performance.
  • Our TSD works hand-in-glove with Mitutoyo Asia Pacific accredited laboratory in providing services in their in-house laboratory and on-site calibration since 2008 in Singapore. We invest in overseas on-the-job training at manufacturer factory to better understand their equipment and instruments to service our customers.
  • Our technical services include: conducting application training, repair, consultation and assessment of product condition.

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